COSMOS EXPLAINED - EPISODE ONE “Standing In the Milky Way”

If you didn’t understand COSMOS at all then this is just for you. Marissa explains it in an idiot-proof way!

Tune in next week for episode 2

Kim Kardashian Finds Out About Racism

In yesterday’s Characters Wednesdays Kim finds out about racism and she’s not happy about it!

Vero En Español - A few Characters in Spanish!

In Venezuela we are consistently exposed to English and a lot of people get it pretty well (If Michael Jackson plays, don’t we all dance?) but, let’s face it, over half of America will speak Español in 20 years. Let the world domination begin! - Here are some of my characters translated to Spanish! I speak English to achieve my goals but I still dream in Spanish.

AMIGOS! traduje algunos de mis personajes al Español! Me he tenido que sumergir en el inglés para lograr mis metas pero aún sueño en español, papá!

SELENA GOMEZ - Every Magazine Interview

Because you can only have so many answers for the same questions


It’s Characters Wednesday and you know what that means: A Selena Gomez impression is bound to happen.

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Alison Brie Reads Weird Fan Mail

Hi guys, It’s character Wednesday and this time around I’m releasing a video I made a while back in which Alison Brie reads weird fan mail but she’s such a good sport.

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Dora The Adult! - VIDEO

Dora grew up and now she has a show! This is Dora showing that even the life of a big star has its ups and downs

I reviewed the NYC Food, Beer and Music Festival this weekend for Channel 82.

Written by Ben Wietmarschen and filmed by Justin Byrne

Hi! This is the commercial I got to do with Tina Fey. I’m posting it here so I can update my Tumblr video site! 

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Life’s Great - Hot Landlord’s Cousin

This is one of my favorite episodes, it revolves about attraction, sexual compellingness and letting yourself go! It features Joanna Bradley (VH1’s Best Week Ever, College Humor, 30 Rock) and Murf Meyer (The Chris Gethard Show) with a brand new totally natural tan. 

This is the episode previous to last! The finale features Sasheer Zamata and Murf Meyer, our faithful fourth lady man. Catch up before next Tuesday here:

Life’s Great - Love Is Poop

This is a short little extra episode we shot! We’re two episodes away from the finale! The next two feature the hilarious ladies Joanna Bradley and Sasheer Zamata!

These last episodes were hard to shoot cuz we couldn’t stop laughing.

Catch up and get ready for the finale HERE

Life’s Great - One Day Stand

This is the 6th episode of Life’s Great, and the one we cracked up the most behind cameras, because James is RIDICULOUSLY* funny.

*This word is hard to type.

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Life’s Great! - Going Out

This is the 5th episode of the first season, for it we used Smithfields (RIP) and tried really hard to make it seem like the bar had people. It was the hardest episode to make so far and definitely one of the weirdest ones. Totally worth the experience of painfully birthing this baby!!

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Catch up all the previous ones here:

  1. HOT LANDLORD - We meet our beefcake landlord
  2. HAPPY US - Happy versions of ourselves arrive to Kevinsburg, Brooklyn. And we hate it, because we are awful.
  3. SECRETS - Jackie has a secret, well we all do.
  4. BABYSITTING - We gotta babysit Don Fanelli because Langan, his mom, thinks he’s mentally a moron

It’s Tuesday so you know what that means! Another episode of Life’s Great. 

In this episode we straight up Babysit Don Fanelli. Weird? Yes, and hot? Why not.

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Life’s Great!

We’re only releasing one episode every Tuesday but this Tuesday we premiered and released THREE! Here’s the third one called “Secretos” I mean “Secrets.”

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Hello world! Life’s Great premiere was today and I wanted to share the first three episodes with you!

The one above is Hot Landlord, a pilot that was a finalist in the Comedy Central pilot Competition. Directed by Colin Elzie and with sound by James Leggero.

The next two episodes are

  • Happy Us feat James Leggero 
  • Secrets featuring Ryan Haney, Shaun Diston, James Leggero, Katey Healy-Wurzburg 

Directed by College Humor’s Lacy Wittman and edited by Amanda Madden.