Mommy Vlog #3

This is the third and before-last installment of Mommy Vlog! (See ONE and TWO)

In this episode: Linda is NOT post-partum depressed and she found a shiny shiny GOLDEN COUPON TO GO TO THE MOON while doing baby laundry!!!

Now she has to face a really tough decision: Going to the moon or being a responsible and happy *UGHUGHUGH* mom

NASA’s Commercial: Golden Coupons - Dir. Benjamin Apple.

NASA was forced by the President PR people has decided to create a nation-wide contest to find “real” American women to go to the Moon. MY OPINION? FORGET THIS CRAP


There’s nothing to do on the Moon BUT if you are going to do a Moon mission then… let the well-prepared lady astronauts go to space… I rather do realistic stuff like going to the theater. I am actually going to see this show next Friday August 5th at 7:30pm.

You should come too! Make reservations.

Dir. Benjamin Apple - Written by Veronica Osorio